How Putin’s War with Ukraine Threatens Freedom and Independence Around the World

How Putin’s War with Ukraine Threatens Freedom and Independence Around the World

Russia portrays the expansion of NATO as a military security risk, but that’s not true. If it were, why has the US and NATO been so determined to avoid directly engaging Russia throughout this crisis? 

The truth is that by trying to follow the path of European democracies, Ukraine presents not a military security risk but a political one. People in democratic countries tend to fare better than those under dictators. The ideals of the Free World—peace, freedom, and prosperity—present a liability to dictators like Putin, especially in neighboring countries. 

As bad as that is for Ukraine, you may dimiss this outrageous aggression as nevertheless a conflict between far away lands. However, this goes far beyond Ukraine. If Putin’s objectives are achieved, it will embolden other dictators to annex territories by force, spreading their sphere of influence and casting an ominous shadow over the supremacy of the Free World order, which has achieved 80 years of relative peace.

This domino effect can be avoided if we have the stomach to fight for the ideals we claim to hold dear. This is our moment to be tested. If we don’t rise to the challenge, this costly war will cascade through the Free World with fervor, and one day this war will reach us. 

We must support Ukraine now and ensure that tyrants pay dearly when they seek to subjugate free people. 


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For Us, This is Personal

Mikes Game Shop is a one-man shop, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous contributions of Amy Golovan, a Ukrainian-born web developer, artist, photographer, and designer. She’s like family and her loved ones live in danger every day. We could not sit by and just sell video games while her country suffers this unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe. We appreciate your support and we look forward to the Free World to prevail and this war to be stopped.

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