Your Help Can’t Wait — Ukraine’s Humanitarian Emergency

Your Help Can’t Wait — Ukraine’s Humanitarian Emergency

Russia has created a humanitarian emergency. Like you, we’ve watched in disgust and sadness as one vile and demented tyrant has shown his heartless and brazen disregard for International law, diplomacy, peace, and human life. 

Millions of Ukrainian people have been displaced, injured, or killed, and the freedom and independence of the country hangs in the balance. Humanitarian organizations are scrambling to obtain needed supplies to save lives and provide some care for the injured. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army is in urgent need of defensive and offensive capabilities. 

With each passing day, more civilians are killed and more lives are upended. Already more than 2 million Ukrainian women and children have fled their home country as refugees. They have had to leave their husbands, sons, and fathers behind to fight. Millions more are trapped in the violence with no way out. Ukrainians desperately need your help to protect their country, their people, and their freedom. This is no time to hesitate. The hour to act is now.


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For Us, This is Personal

Mikes Game Shop is a one-man shop, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous contributions of Amy Golovan, a Ukrainian-born web developer, artist, photographer, and designer. She’s like family and her loved ones live in danger every day. We could not sit by and just sell video games while her country suffers this unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe. We appreciate your support and we look forward to the Free World to prevail and this war to be stopped.

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