Pray for Ukraine — And All the Helpers

Pray for Ukraine — And All the Helpers

Kyiv was supposed to fall to Russia within a few days. It’s Day 12. Kyiv stands. That’s Providence. Regular Ukrainian families are fighting for their home and their freedom. Russian invasion forces are only fighting for a dictator who lies with every twist of his forked tongue. 

Ukrainians are outmanned and outgunned. But there is power in prayer. Please join us in praying for the brave men and women fighting the demonic design of Vladimir Putin. 

Don’t pray in silence!

Speak your prayers out loud and ask your congregation to pray as well. Let your cries be heard. Let the Free World hear you stand with Ukraine against pure, naked evil. Let us never be intimidated into forsaking God’s children by yielding to murderous tyrants who place no value on human life. Let us stand with Ukraine. Stand with the Free World. Stand with Light amid this Darkness. 

We pray for the Ukrainian mothers and their children fleeing the war to stay alive. We pray for the Ukrainian men, as young as 16 years old, who are fighting to protect the freedom of their people. We pray for the good men and women in Russia who risk everything to protest this war. We pray for the people who aren’t standing with Ukraine so that they may open their eyes. We pray for peace, love, and liberty. 

We thank you for your support. Should you feel called to do more, we’ve compiled a list of additional ways you can provide immediate help to those in desperate need.


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For Us, This is Personal

Mikes Game Shop is a one-man shop, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous contributions of Amy Golovan, a Ukrainian-born web developer, artist, photographer, and designer. She’s like family and her loved ones live in danger every day. We could not sit by and just sell video games while her country suffers this unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe. We appreciate your support and we look forward to the Free World to prevail and this war to be stopped.

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