How to Help People in Ukraine—Join Their Fight for Freedom and Prevent a Global Disaster

A totalitarian nuclear state has launched a massive invasion against a peaceful country and threatened nuclear weapons if anyone intervened. Russia’s unconscionable war against Ukraine has taken its toll on millions of lives, but the people of Ukraine are holding strong, defending themselves against one of the most powerful and merciless regimes in the world. 

The bravery and heroism being shown in Ukraine will go down in history. Do your part to help and become a positive part of this historic moment. The line between freedom and tyranny is being painted with Ukrainian blood. We’re counting on you.

For many of us, the hard thing is not deciding whether to help, but how to help make the greatest impact. We’ve compiled a list of the most impactful steps you can take to address this emergency. 


Speak Out & Raise Awareness 

Start by writing a post on social media using the hashtag #StandWithUkraine to help raise awareness in your community. Let your friends know this issue is important to you. Give this urgent issue the attention it deserves.

Feel free to just write the hashtag on its own without further comment. Or, if you choose to write something personal, please be tactful and keep a forgiving heart to the Russian people, many of whom don’t want this. Don’t forget that Putin and his regime alone are to blame. 

Also, please stick to only verified facts from reputable sources. Do not spread anything that could potentially be misinformation. We must combat lies with truth. 



One difficult thing about charities is the fear that the money will fill the pockets of corrupt intermediaries. These are reputable helpers we believe in to do the right thing in this crisis and make the greatest difference. 

  • Support Ukraine’s armed forces

    The National Bank of Ukraine opened a special fundraising account to ensure the country could procure defensive capabilities, including weapons, equipment, food, medicine and other things needed by Ukrainian armed forces. Donate now

  • Give to military hospitals

    The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America directs funds to four military hospitals, serving wounded warriors and displaced or wounded civilians, mostly women and children. Donate now

  • Help children and families fleeing Ukraine

    UNICEF is a large charity organization that is receiving accolades for providing emergency support for children and families fleeing Ukraine. Donate now

  • Get food, medicine, and transportation to Ukrainian families

    Help for Ukraine is a small group that helps children and the elderly in Ukraine receive food, medicine and transportation to get evacuated into safer places. Donate now