Covid-19 Update 😷

If you have concerns about catching Covid-19, you are not alone. As of January 15, 2022, cases are once again surging, especially with respect to the omicron strain.

We take the safety of all our customers seriously and encourage all our customers to take sensible precautions to protect themselves and others during the coronavirus epidemic. Like you, we look forward to getting through this crisis safely, quickly, and together, so we can restore normalcy.

Mikes Game Shop is not qualified to offer medical advice, so you should consult a medical professional, such as your physician, to have your questions answered.

Nothing in life is absolute but, from what we’ve read from the CDC and as reported by reliable sources that have quoted medical doctors and experts, shopping online is safe from the perspective of viral transmission due to the following reasons:

  1. A large viral load is needed to cause infection
  2. Virus particles quickly degrade outside a living host
  3. Packages take days to ship

The CDC describes shipped packages as “very low risk”. According to our research, the highest risk of infection occurs within the first few minutes of a virus being ejected from an infected person, such as by sneeze or cough, and the risk decreases as a function of time.

If you would like to take additional safety steps, you may consider wearing gloves to receive your shipped packages and wearing a mask when in the presence of your delivery person.

Mikes Game Shop takes these additional steps to promote safety:

  1. All our products are cleaned and sanitized when first admitted to inventory
  2. No member of our team is permitted to touch or come into close contact with any of our products if they are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms
  3. All members of our team have been fully vaccinated

Stay safe out there. If there’s anything else you feel we should be doing, please let us know at