Scratched Games Won’t Play? Fix Them for As Low As $2.99 😲

Picture this: You’re in the mood to play an awesome video game. You open the case, pluck out the disc, insert it into your console with great anticipation, and… NOTHING. 

Your disc is unrecognized, unreadable, unplayable. You try wiping the disc, blowing air in the disc bay, doing an interpretive dance—everything—and still no luck. In fury, you clutch your beloved game as if it were the throat of your mortal enemy. 

STOP! Your game can be saved with professional disc resurfacing! 

What is professional disc resurfacing? 

At Mikes Game Shop, we’ve save hundreds of games by using sophisticated (and expensive) disc resurfacing equipment—even games that were completely covered in scratches! 

Isn’t it the same as buffing? 

No! Don’t make the rookie mistake a lot of people do and try home remedies like toothpaste and handheld buffers. That’s a bad idea and it could make things even worse! 

What does it cost? 

Professional disc resurfacing costs as little as $2.99 per game disc. And results are guaranteed, so you’ll only pay for the games we save! 

 # of Discs   Cost / Disc Saved 

 1-4 discs 


 5-7 discs 


 8+ discs 



How long does it take? 

We offer a rapid turnaround! From the time your games reach us, we can get them resurfaced, tested, and shipped back out within 3 business days. 

Ready to get started? 

Start by letting us have a look at your discs. You can send us your pictures by emailing or messaging us via Facebook Messenger. 

Fast Way: Do you see a chat widget on this page? If so, you can use that. Just log into it and click the paperclip to attach your photos.