Meet Mike

(Hint: the one in the picture.)

Mike created Mikes Game Shop. He’s an alright guy—likes people, tips his servers—but he’s also clearly a narcissist because he thought you needed a page about him.

On average, Mike enjoys playing old video games more than new ones. Whenever possible, he listens to music in 8-bit and by this point he’s begun seeing his family pixellated. Don’t worry—they don’t mind—as long as Mike wears pants. Always a struggle.

Mike tells a lot of jokes and pretends to be funny. There are precious few things he takes seriously. However, he is serious about customer experience and service.

ART Watches logo

Apart from running Mikes Game Shop, Mike also helps run ART Watches. (Oh yeah, Mike’s a shameless promoter, too.) If you happen to be in the market for preowned luxury watches, send an email to and you’ll get a special insider discount.

It's a secret to everybody.

Photo of Amy Golovan

Mike’s also involved with Amy Golovan, who just happens to be an incredible photographer, illustrator, and designer. If you find her thanks to this page, please let her know. Mike is always on the lookout for ways to put some points on the scoreboard.

That’s about all there is to say, except… Thank you. Your patronage allows a small game shop to keep its metaphorical doors open and its creators’ literal lights on. Mikes Game Shop looks forward to becoming your favorite place to shop pre-owned video games!